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Designed to provide a comprehensive search scope.

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  • Estates left by relatives – missing heirs and beneficiaries
  • Securities and dividends
  • Real estate titles and rights
  • Insurance policies and pensions
  • Stockholders of defunct or liquidated corporations
  • Witnesses to wills and other legal documents

Service Description

Checkers works with the pension, benefits, and HR departments of major corporations; executors; law firms; administrators; trustees; fiduciaries; bank and trust officers and other similar persons and firms to locate individuals who are or may be heirs, beneficiaries or next of kin and to confirm and establish family relationship for inheritance, succession, and other legal purposes.

Checkers utilizes a combination of public and proprietary databases; forensic genealogy; “on-the-ground” and human intelligence research methodologies to provide its clients with a comprehensive search scope.

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