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From Professional Leagues to Youth Sports, expertly providing investigative services to effectively assess, prevent, and mitigate risk.

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Checkers is a preferred provider of investigative services for numerous professional sports organizations, including several national sports leagues. Checkers tailors each investigation’s area of inquiry to suit each client’s needs – from vetting athletes and coaches, to preventing or aiding in ongoing litigation. Checkers is uniquely positioned and experienced in meeting the needs of national sports leagues to identify, analyze, and mitigate legal, reputational (publicity) and business risks through investigations.

Checkers also provides vetting services for local and youth sports leagues, with background check services for coaches, trainers, administrators and more. Checkers’ team consists of numerous youth sports coaches and administrators, former athletes, and parents, bringing our experience to the forefront of understanding our clients concerns while delicately navigating the necessary processes to ensure thorough vetting to provide peace of mind.

Checkers services are performed in compliance with all applicable laws.

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